Cyber Insurance

At MUA we want to protect you against online perils. We aim to protect you and your household members against cyber bullying, cyber liability, cyber-attacks, and cyber theft by providing Cyber Insurance coverage.
In the era of social media, each of us assumes a level of celebrity status, where our actions and words can be instantly broadcasted to a potentially vast audience. The moment content is viewed by even a single individual, it falls under the purview of laws governing publication and dissemination.
What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?
Our Cyber Insurance is designed to shield you from various online risks, including:
Cyber Bulling:

Online harassment or embarrassment can be distressing.           With MUA Cyber Insurance, you have access to legal advice and assistance to address and mitigate the effects of cyberbullying.

If your computer files are compromised due to a cyber-attack, our coverage includes assistance to remove viruses and recover your data whenever possible.
Cyber Liability:
Should you be held responsible for a third party’s financial loss due to a virus originating from your device, we cover the investigation, mediation, and settlement expenses, as specified in your policy.
Cyber Theft:
Unauthorized transactions on your online accounts can lead to financial losses. Our Cyber Insurance assists in investigating such incidents and reimbursing the losses, up to the amount stated in your policy.
A fundamental rule is simple yet crucial: if you’re not comfortable displaying your thoughts on a billboard alongside your personal information, it’s best not to allow them to exist in digital format. This principle underscores the importance of exercising caution and mindfulness in what we share online. -Emma Sadler.
In a world where digital threats lurk around every corner, MUA is your trusted partner in safeguarding your online presence. Don’t wait until it’s too late – ensure you have the protection you need against cyber perils.
For more information or to update your policy, please contact your broker.