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Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover The personal accident space must however be approached with comprehensive product knowledge. Personal accident cover provides specific benefits such as accidental death, permanent disability, temporary disability, emergency expenses, and medical treatments. Personal accident cover represents a valuable addition to brokers’ offerings, providing essential protection against unforeseen accidents and injuries. By understanding client […]

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The delicate balance of premium rating and loyalty

The delicate balance of premium rating and loyalty In the intricate world of insurance, partnerships are the backbone upon which success is built. At the heart of these partnerships lie three crucial stakeholder: the insured, the broker, the insurer. However, maintaining harmonious relationship among these parties is not without it’s challenges, particularly when it comes

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland As we gear up for the winter months in South Africa, it’s crucial to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to protect our properties. With the increased risk of accidents and property damage during this season, proactive measures are paramount. Let’s explore additional maintenance tips, including identifying trees that may pose a

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Cyber Insurance

At MUA we want to protect you against online perils. We aim to protect you and your household members against cyber bullying, cyber liability, cyber-attacks, and cyber theft by providing Cyber Insurance coverage.In the era of social media, each of us assumes a level of celebrity status, where our actions and words can be instantly

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Rental Property Cover VS Alternative Accommodation Cover

Rental Property Cover VS Alternative Accommodation Cover As more homeowners turn to short-term rentals or Bed and Breakfasts, it’s important to understand the potential risks and insurance implications. Guests don’t have a sense of ownership or attachment to rental property or its contents, making the risk of damage or loss much higher. That’s why our

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Don’t Get HACKED

Don’t Get HACKED Cyber crime is on the rise. Protect your businessfrom unseen threats. Kids today will never understand the ubiquitousaccessory that was the attache case, prior to, say1987. The pinnacle of business-cool sophistication,carrying an attache case proclaimed to the world that you were an important business person with access to sensitive information that couldn’t

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