Striking a Balance

Striking a Balance In the blink of an eve, Artificial Intelligence (Al) has transformed from a mere concept into an omnipresent force shaping our lives. Here’s what we need to consider as we enter this new era of business. year ago, Al was a topic confined to tech-savvy circles but today it dominates our everyday […]

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The Power of Specialization

The Power of Specialization In a recent interview with Marike Van Niekerk, Manager of Legal, Marketing, Communications & Compliance Offer at MUA Insurance Acceptances (Pty) Ltd (MUA), the discussion revolved around the advantages of specialising in a specific demographic and niche market within the insurance industry. MUA, historically known as a high-net-worth and specialist motor

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Hold On Tight

Hold On Tight In the wake of what came to be known globally as The Great Resignation, what can the financial services industry learn from the mass walk-out to improve talent retention into the future? The 2020s got off to a wild start. Like a rolling set of tsunami waves, the world was hit with

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Mental health in the workplace

Mental health in the workplace: WHY SUPPORT IS SO IMPORTANT In the fast-paced and demanding world of today, professional commitments often take center stage.The significance of mental health in the workplace cannot be overstated. The modern workplace has evolved from being a space of productivity to a setting that plays a crucial role in shaping

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Empowering Clients Through Effective Communication

Empowering Clients Through Effective Communication The Significance of Client Communication and Education Marike emphasised the vital role of client communication and education in creating a sustainable and affordable insurance ecosystem. By providing clients with the necessary information and knowledge, insurance providers empower them to make informed decisions. This, in turn, aids in risk reduction and

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Claim settlement process change

Claim settlement process change New ways are consistently developed by hackers to access accounts and compromise sensitive information. There have been increases in email interception leading to claims being settled into fraudulent bank accounts unbeknown to the policyholder. The ever-changing and potentially threatening digital landscape, has led MUA to review the claims settlement process to

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Claim frustrations… WHAT’S THE TRICK?

Claim frustrations… WHAT’S THE TRICK? Financial institutions must effectively manage customer claim complaints, to ensure consumer protection through the implementation of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), a regulatory and supervisory approach that focuses on delivering specific fairness outcomes to customers.Regulated entities are responsible for demonstrating their adherence to TCF throughout the entire product life cycle, including

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